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Like to thank the Journal for posting the blogspace, the purpose of the worldwide people of God site is to allow all COG’s to have a site of their own, afterall we are the people of God. the acronym for WORLDWIDE PEOPLE OF GOD is WWPOG blog, check out posts and comments from current and previous posts. All comments are welcome, the only restrictions are tone and offensive language. Otherwise it will be the peoples site where the forbidden zone has been taken down. Meaning that all doctrines can be discussed, especially the nature of God and the calendar, I single those out because those have been called the “forbidden zone” within the corporate churches of God. It is my hope that converted people can agree respectfully and enthusiastically to agree to disagree about certain aspects of Scripture. We are called to grow in the grace and knowledge until the second coming or we die. The Bible is the greatest book ever written, and is the written Word of our God. Articles will appear on both the Worldwide people of God site and the WWPOG blogsite. Link is in the description below.

About Worldwide People of God

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