Shining Light blog puts out more darkness than light!

Rev 13:8 . . . . the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

“Elohim our Mighty Ones had a tremendous purpose in the creation and no detail was left to chance. It was known and planned from before the creation; that man would have to experience BOTH sides; God’s side and Satan’s side, before man could make an informed decision; and for man to learn by hard experience the terrible evil of Satan’s way.

The two members of the God family decided from the very beginning that one of them had to die for the sins of humanity so that the enormous evil of sin and the tremendous love of God could be made known to all peoples for all time.

To drive that lesson home Christ called Israel out of the Egypt of sin; out from bondage to the pharaoh god-king of Egypt, as a lesson on how Christ would deliver the Father’s called out; out of bondage to Satan the god-king of this evil society, and out of our bondage to sin.

As Israel was called out of Egypt, many have been called out of the bondage to sin of this world. And as many later sought to go back into bondage and were destroyed in the wilderness; we too must faithfully complete our journey to the Promised land”.


James Malms Shinning light blog above often lurks in darkness… Satan the Angel that appears in light but is the very definition of darkness has blinded many COG people by there laziness and complacement. When a minister or a public ministry tries to  tell you repeatedly that the word one in the bible means two or three and you don’t question this seriously, where is your reason? When the bible reapeatedly says there is one GOD and you take this to be two three or a family you should ask yourself how much do I really know about my bible and my God? The passover season is at hand we are to examine ourselves and our beliefs to see if we believe in Gods commandments and have the zeal that James Malm talks about all the time. Ex 20:3 THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER gods BEFORE (us) OR ME. Which is it? you should not need your minister or some public figure to help you with this 1rst and greatest commandment. The commandment contains both meanings of God first the singular and then the plural form in gods, ending with the first and only God “ME.” Jesus the promised messiah was going to be the seed of the women born in bethleham to be a deliever like Moses. Deut 18:18 to represent God and deliever mankind from the bondages of sin. Jesus can’t be God for many reason and will go through many of them at this blog  but just to give you food for thought today. Jesus can;t be God because he has a God, the same God as you and me!  John 20:17 Are we to worship the created, or the creator? Meet the old testament God same as the new testament God in your bible. The next time someone says or writes that the bible says that God is two or three or a family remember that there are ministers in the COGs who don’t believe it and brethren who quinch every time they here it. Remeber this is just a tiny bit of food for thought on this subject. Read the March edition of the Journel and find more on this misunderstood doctrine, help roll back the darkness Satan has so succsesfully manipulated.

   Jesus Christ who gave himself for his creation was the true Lamb of God; and when we repent and turn away from sin, and continue in DOING the Word and Will of God;  The atoning sacrificial blood of Christ will be placed on the doorposts of our hearts; as the blood of lambs was placed on the door posts of Israel in the land of Egypt; and they were not destroyed.

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2 Responses to Shining Light blog puts out more darkness than light!

  1. Lee says:

    Great blog. My hubby looks at James malm’s site. Not sure why but something didn’t seem to fit right. I am no longer a binitarian / few years now. My now ex-cog minister knew of my beliefs but was happy for me to attend as long as I didn’t talk about it to others.

    • Thanks Lee for your imput, not many have the desire to look at all scriptures again and see that 1 God doesn’t mean 2 or 3 numerically. The Jews and Muslims have it right the COGs haven’t spent the time and just show no interest at the leadership level. Thanks Mark

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