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I ask the Shining light blog to respond to the questions that you don’t see in the comment section of the shinning light blog. James Malm the writer of the blog only prints the comments that don’t disagree with his version of the truth. Example he won’t print comments on the calendar issue that he doesn’t agree with or questioning his understanding of the nature of God. So as a fellow COG person I ask sincerely good question in which christians that put themselves in public teaching roles should be able to discuss the meatier matters of the scriptures. So below I asked James to respond to his behavior against these men and others to see if he would actually stand in front of them in a christian manner to allow these accused to have their response to his daily attacks, I say fair enough, lets see if the shinning light can respond.

I ask the Shinning light Blog how long will you worship two gods? You accuse the Cogs day and night about not being zealous and having false motives about the commandments of God, yet the plank in your own eye blinds you to the scriptures I gave you yesterday.Acts is full of explicate statements about the God of our fathers being the father, yet you keep on denying these scriptures in place of your own spin and motives. I have no dislike for you personally James which I have stated before but you are cherry picking doctrine to your own desire. I believe you have good intentions but like Rod Meredith you need to be under supervision. By being your own authority you have convinced yourself that you have it right over everyone else. I ask you would you sit down with Robin Weber Vic Kubic Rod Meredith Ken Westby over a weekend to see if what you write is truth or if it has error mixed with your version of the truth. It one thing to write a blog in which you can control and cherry pick the comments to suit your own agenda but when you have to stand in front of your peers on the calendar and the nature of God and the perception of commandment breaking you accuse your brethren of, I’m calling you out James to stand before these men that you accuse and let them have there say. So what say you James will you stand in front of your peers and accuse them in person? Yes or NO I will print this on my blog and let people know what you decide wwpog blog. Mark

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