2013 Red River Flood ?

2013 Red River Flood ?

As christians we prepare for the worse and pray for the best. The flood predictions for 2013 were all over the map and in the end it was a minor inconvience. As we head towards Penticost we must remember to count the cost of being a spring harvest first fruit. We are called now to prepare to lead and teach in the Kingdom of God. Jesus the High priest will be our guide to steer us towards his God and father. He will lead from Jerusalem Sabbath services and teach us about our great God and father. He will show us what the perfect service is all about. He will teach us new songs he will guide us in praise and worship to our God and his God. The one God and father of all will finally be understood by Christians, Muslims and Jews. People will be traveling to Jerusalem from all over the earth to be taught proper worship of the one God and father of all. The Christians will finally understand the word one, the Muslims understand the word one but will realize that this one God has a son. The Jew’s will finally see and believe that there one God had a son and he is there way to there God and his God. With this basic understanding of the first commandment, that has eluded the christian world for nearly two thousnad years, man will finally be able to worship in spirit and truth. what glorious time this will be, what a wonderfull time to be free.

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