Finally seeing the Light!

Finally seeing the Light!

What a wonderful moment in one’s life when the light finally goes on. The first time you realize you love someone, or when you finally grasp the meaning of how something works in science, or mechanics. I remember the first time I replaced a transmission in a 67 Volkswagen beetle, I had to ask for advice about ten times,but after that I could do it all by myself and I was able to do it again and again faster and better. We all have learning experiences and have that moment when finals are finally done and we get that high from accomplishment. This is the great part of the human experience that makes life worth wild. In our religious life most of us are born into being a Catholic or a Protestants. Then one day for some of us the light goes on and we hear something like Man wasn’t made for the sabbath but the sabbath was made for man. But my priest told me that it was done away with! But some how a thought comes into your mind (LIkely from the holy spirit) and says if the sabbath was made for man when did that happen? Gen.2:2-3 Yahweh sanctified the Seventh day of the week at creation and made it Holy. Now a thinking mind would put that together that it had nothing to do with the latter covenants or the ten commandments, it was instituted at creation so Adam an Eve understood God there fathers calendar. Now skipping forward to another thought, for years I’ve been hearing that the word one means two or three and not one, even though one is used to describe Yahweh! Most of us just accept that this is so. But for some, that little thought in the back of the mind questions the rationale of such thinking. Is it our responsiblity to question these statements as christians and search the scriptures to see if these things are so? We are called to work out our own salvation, we are responsible for our own spiritual growth. We must grow in grace and knowledge until the return of Jesus or our death. There is so much to learn about your bible, let us all make the best use of the time we have.

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