Where are We Now?

Where are We Now?

That is always a good question! We are shorter of breath and one step closer to death! The gift of eternal life is one day closer. The Kingdom of God is staring us right in the face! Are you excited to be alive in these last days? Do you sense the urgency to make your calling an election sure? Do your kids have the vision afar off? When you look at this photo in this post it should give you a sense of awe! This is the Columbia river in Washington state one of the most beautiful clean pristine water ways in America or even on the earth. The King Salmon considered the finest of all fish, which having eating most clean fish. I would agree that the 35 pound salmon is the best tasting fish I’ve ever eaten. My point is here that our Father and God has been looking out for us since he created us. What a great opportunity to take a family trip to one of Americas great national treasure and show your kids our father’s wonderful creation and maybe they will hear what they see…

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