The Wind of Change

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1. God, 2. the word and the 3. holy spirit! Is the holy spirit a he or a she or a it? Is a word a he, or a she, or a it? Have you ever considered thee above? Yes Or No?
God is a spirit being, he, not them is Holy and he not them is the only one who is good! God speaks by the breath of his mouth Ps 33:6 as do you. We were created in the image of God. We are not mere mortals. We are sons of God, the father Yahweh, the one who is truly God, the God of our fathers Acts 3 the father is, the God of both the new and the old testaments .Why will God not dwell with men?”SIN” until Rev.21:3 Jesus will dwell with men for a thousand years making ready a people for his God and our God, his father and our father, Yahweh…

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