Shining Light blog verses UCG

Shining Light blog verses UCG

It appears that we might be following back into needing milk! Heb. 5:12 instead of being teachers we need to be taught again! Brethren this is a Gentile run western world with godliness absent from almost all decision-making. The news is Sin, sin again and sin some more. They don’t even know there sinning anymore! But Brethren we have been given a light in the man Jesus Christ who choose not to sin but to live by every word of God. He desired to please his father and honor his God. This is why God put his name above all others and before all others Phil. 2:9 Wherefore (” Who”) God (Alone) also hath highly exalted “him” (The man Jesus) and given him a name which is above every name.10 That the name of Jesus (not God) every knee should bow.

So who had the power and authority to give this man Jesus his name, his eternal life, his place above all others that the Father created? Only God could do this I Tim 6:16 So who is God only the father, and there is no one else besides him. Is 45:5 (Him and Me are personal pronouns.)

The Holy Spirit is neither a he or a she but an It.

The word is neither a he or a she but an It.

Now with this above in mind let us Look at what the shining light blog has to say about UCG. Both have been invited to attend the One God seminar in Seattle on June 8-9 for details. 16 hours in two days of presentations is equal to all the messages you will hear at the FOT. As I have pointed out before this is the most difficult of all the doctrines in the bible, because of the emotional baggage we bring to it. Most of us came out of Trinitarianism , We moved from 3 gods to 2 and it takes more serious study to get back to 1 God of the bible, but it is well worth the time.

From Todays Post The Shining Light Blog 5/18/13

Larry Walker also stated in his audio that:  “There are people who believe some guy on a web site who has an ax to grind and they don’t believe their own minister whom they know. That’s incredible to me.”

An ax to grind?  “YES INDEED! 

I am wielding the sharp two-edged sword of the Truth and Word of Almighty God!   Which is the Word of Jesus Christ!  The Word of all Holy Scripture inspired by Jesus Christ! and YES:  The people of Christ KNOW the voice of their Lord and are following HIM; while these leaders are wolves trying to lead the brethren away from any zeal for Christ, his teachings and his commandments.

The good shepherds lead the flock into the truth of God; the wolves seek to conceal the truth of God and lead the people astray, by keeping them in the darkness and ignorance.

There is a lot here folks! James Malm is trying to remind people to be zealous for the commandments of God, which is a good thing, but he is in error above with the notion that Jesus inspired holy scripture! Jesus wasn’t even born until after the old testament was written so how could he of inspired it? He was an expert in the old testament scriptures after studying them for 25 years and was ready to do his ministry. That’s the real story he actually studied them and memorized them. This is what we are called to do to be able to give an answer and to be able to teach others the words of God. John 8:54 “Jesus answered, If I honor myself, my honor is nothing; It is my Father that honoureth me; of whom you say, that HE is your God… Jesus claim is not to be God, but to be his son, the promised messiah whom the Pharisees would not accept! John 8:53 art thou greater that our father Abraham? So Jesus is saying that he is the messiah and his name is above every human name, so he is greater and that Abraham rejoiced in the promise from God that he would raise up one from Abrahams seed that would be the greatest of all… Before you rush to 8:58 keep two things in mind, one what I have just explained above and that your bible was translated by Trinitarians. Before Abraham was (the seed promised Gen.3:15) I’am he,(the Messiah)the discussion here is who is greater, not who is God! Read the whole chapter. 8:54 Jesus answered, It is my father who honors me, of whom you say that He is your God… Yes again Jesus own words confirms he is not their God, but the father is the God of our fathers. Acts 3:13 The apostles knew who their God was and who Raised their master from the dead. Which leaves us with 1 God…Brethren we need steak not milk. This is strong food to feed you, get your head in the bible. Liston to your ministers then be a good Berean and see if these things are true. There will be much more about this in post to come. All questions are welcome. God Bless   ”

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