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Mark Lee

May 24th, 2013 at 07:28

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“I always say what I say straight out, and when I am shown to be wrong will always publish any rebuttal or corrections supplied by the person mentioned. James Malm”

James, does your conscience bother you? I’ve told you that God is not a family, that God is creating a family, I’ve showed you that the God of our fathers Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob was the father, Acts 3:13 I’ve showed you that God (Singular) raised up his servant Jesus. Acts 3:26 This scripture proves the Singular father raising up a Dead man. No one can raise themself from the dead. I showed you Mark 10:6 where Jesus said that God made them male and female. I showed you William Tyndale bible where John 1:2 says It became flesh. Which then Deut 18:18 makes sense. I’ve offered you $10.000 dollars to find a scripture in the old testament where Jesus is talking. No one is good except God, because he is God and gave life to all of us out of his own love and wanting to build a family of real people. I’ve offered to pay your way to Seattle to the One God Seminar so you could show us your understanding in front of your peers, no response. I’ve said it before also this is not personal, but scriptural. If your going to say you print what people are questioning and don’t,I just put it on my wwpog blog so people can see you are withholding people questioning your understanding, which is stuck in Nicean agreement with Constantine. The difference between you and me is Im teachable and you’re not, So how then are you different from the COGs? It appears that you are closed-minded to the scriptures above! Where am I wrong James?

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