God and Christ Are they one in the Same?

Shining light Blog can’t decide, if Jesus is God or he is the Son of the one and only God! Note what James Malm wrote today below

” Men who speak of the love of Christ and use it to deceive men away from Christ, by saying that Christ is love and will tolerate willful sin; are ignorant of Christ and filled with hate against God and all his ways.  They are arch-deceivers from salvation; stealing your crown of eternal life.

What we have here is failure to communicate. He uses the singular name of Christ 4 times then he equates this as hate against another being, God. So we have the son of the only 1 who is God John 17:3 clearly separated from the 1 who alone is God. Is. 43:10-11 I’am my fathers son, and we are one, in blood and faith alike, but both are individual’s. We can’t be like Christ if he wasn’t truly one of us! How can we receive eternal life if Christ only got back something that he already Had? I asked not just the Shining light Blog this, but elders in the COGs that I’ve run across. How can Christ be heir of all things if he created them? Heb.1:2 By nature he who creates is heir already. I ask these questions in the spirit of truth. These writer’s and leaders will not deal with these scriptures. Jim Franks president of his own church now, refused in UCG to allow these scriptures to be discussed in person, with the doctrinal committee, Clyde Kilough had a minister disfellowshipped, not for preaching about this, but for believing it personally. The COGs are afraid to look at the overwhelming evidence in the bible about who and what God is. Why is it that 1.2 billion Muslims get it, they believe in one God and don’t think that this one God is made up of two or three other beings. The Muslims believe that there God, is the God of Abraham. Where did this all go so wrong? “At Nicea” World News an Prophecy Aug 2008 part 4 Union of Church and State. Read it, if you lost it go online ucg.org, read it… The One God seminar in Seattle is June 8-9 in 2 weeks, if you can’t attend in person, you can get it online, or via phone hookup. Info godward.org Brethren we must grow in grace and knowledge, if you ask your self good questions you might get good answers.

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