Where do you find the absolute Truth

June 1st, 2013 at 11:20  Shining Light Blog sensors another comment!

  •  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone actually had the truth out there! Where we could all go and worship the one true God with Jesus our high priest leading the sermon on proper worship of his God and our God. But this will have to wait for there are to many men selling there version of the truth. The Calendar issue I agree with you James in fact. The issue is not which days are the right, I think that most COGs would agree that postponements were not always used.. The issue is who Yahweh our father gave his personal charge of marking the holy days to. So instead of building walls by claiming superiority over other groups, we should be building bridges so we all Cogs can do things in order and change together to the right days. Also you say that UCG will be the same old boring sermons so why bother. What  we should all do is  go hear the non bias all knowing James Malm that thinks Jesus is God, because Constantine made it so. So at James feast site your going to hear the same old COG sermon that 1 Jesus is the god of the old testament. 2 That Jesus created all things.3 That Jesus was the rock that followed Israel.4 When Jesus was the god of the old testament he did this and that…5.That Jesus emptied himself of his divinity. 6 That Jesus was the one in the burning bush speaking to Moses. 7 That it would take god to die for the sins of mankind.    But what you won’t hear at James feast site is that one of his readers offer him $10.000 dollars if he could site a scripture where Jesus said anything or interacted with any of the prophets in the old testament.2 You won’t hear that Jesus has a God and father just like us. 3 That the Trinitarians capitalized the word Word in John 1. 4 You won’t hear Mark 10:6 where Jesus said that God did the creating. 5 You won’t hear that Is.44:24 that the father did all the creating alone.6 Is 44:6 won’t be explained for its absoluteness monotheism.7You won’t be taught that God is not a family, but that God is creating a family, which are to completely different concepts. The first being introduced at Nicea 325 and the second is what the scriptures teach. So you make the call the same old COG sermons from James with lots of calendar were right, which I stated you are right.  You’ll hear lots of zeal for the nine commandments, but the First and greatest commandment will be left to Constantine. Thou Shall have NO other (more than one) gods (plural) before ME. Not us… So where are you going to hear all the truth? In your bible not from any one man, or feast site

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