12 annual 1 God Seminar in Seattle

12 annual 1 God Seminar in Seattle

Seattle was the place to be on June 8-9 for the 12th 1 God Seminar. Great line up of speakers starting with Evangelist Ken Westby sponsor and founder of Godward.org and virtual COG. This years presentations firing on all cylinders. Piece by piece the 3 god trinity the 2 god binitarians were stripped away only to leave the monotheistic biblical one God found in your bibles. The speakers this year were from a diverse backgrounds. Sir Anthony Buzzard from Atlanta Georgia writer and professor graduate from Oxford gave a compelling biblical and historical summary of the mainstream Christianity denial of the 1 God and father of scripture, Nehemia Gordon a Karaite Jew Educated at Hebrew University, gave compelling insight to the Three card Monte and the power of the priestly blessing. He also left his paper on Gen.1:1 on the language and meaning of the first verse in the bible. This is clearly the scripture in which every bible student needs a lesson in. Noel Rude a linguist and former Professor gave an insightful lecture on understanding Sacrifice and Atonement in Light of God’s Nature. Sean Finnegan has a Masters in Theological studies from Boston University,  gave two every good lectures on The Holy Spirit and Translation Bias. Lindsay Killian spoke on Heavenly Flesh, Lindsey holds a master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Michel Danis, Carlos Jimenez, Sean Kelly, Robert Woodburn, Owen Murphy, Ray Gebauer and Mark Bosserman rounded out the seminar. It’s like a feast of tabernacles 16 hours in two days, equal to the 8 days of the feast in sermons. The no-show that topped the list was rising COG starr James Malm writer  of the Shining Light Blog, He was offered a spot on the speaking list to present his Jesus the God of the old testament, a standard HWA Nicean creed of Constantine, that Malm clings to, but he didn’t repond even when all expenses were offered. He has enough people now following him instead of the bible, which clearly states many times that there is only one God alone, he won’t stand with his peers and debate his nicean position that he holds to. It’s a shame when so much clear good information is available, that these leaders refuse to even debate. But growing in grace and knowledge is difficult for most people, they just get comfortable with where there at. Anyone who reads this blog or goes to Godward.org will find this information on the 1 God and father of all, the first and greatest commandment. There will be plenty more to come…

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