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Nehemia Gordon confirms at the 12 annual one God Conference that Gen.1:1 is a singular usage of the word God (Elohim). Elohim: Plural or Singular? Part 1 He says” the first thing we must check out is whether it gets a plural adjective and a plural verb, because this will tell us whether or not it is a numerical plural denoting multiplicity. In the very first verse of the Torah we read (He gives the Hebrew letters) Elohim (He) created. Were Elohim a numerical plural, the verse would have to say Elohim (they)created.” The word Elohim appears in its plural form over 2000 times throughout the Hebrew scriptures and in virtually every instance it has a singular verb.” The article goes on for several pages explaining how this Hebrew bible reads. I have brought you several smoking guns on this One God subject, none have you been able to refute. Nehemia and other serious bible scholars have written extensively, on every so called trouble verses. James since you publish a public forum and ask for God’s tithes and offerings but refuse to answer fellow Christians who ask biblical questions from scripture that you can’t answer! How can you make the claims against UCG Cogawa and other COG groups that they somehow are luke warm or they are preaching heresy when you do it every day and when someone points this out to you, you don’t reply… What say you James

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