Unity, Tolerance and Doctrine ?

Don’t believe me, believe your bible! Sound familiar, notice when a new public ministry starts its always listen’s and let’s every one have a comment whether they agree or not. HWA started out saying that you should not believe him, but believe your bible. Then once you got baptized you were to believe him, or be thrown out. James Malms Shining light blog started out allowing for freedom to  comment, whether James agreed or not, to build a following. Now that he has enough people to support him and he is going to lead a feast site and next a church, preying on frustrated COG people that have been disillusioned with the ex WWCOG ministry. The problem is James has the same problem that all the COGs have! He’s in charge and either agree or be silenced. James is packing HWA doctrine with his spin on the calendar, and the new moons and hard core Sabbath keeping. What your not hearing about is his peers that have pointed out his error on Prophecy, Who is God? and the calendar. These are huge issues that no COG group has dared deal with, because why? Fear, HWA and every COG runs on fear and not love, Malm is no exception. But perfect love cast out  fear… The forgotten scripture. The Shining light blog ask for money from unsuspecting brethren  when he has been offered $10,000 dollars from his peers for producing one scripture in the old testament where Jesus is speaking! You think he would jump at that easy money instead of asking brethren for money, but now if he gets it from you, then he doesn’t have to answer to his peers.” Amazing ” And the cycle goes round an round and round. Never coming to the knowledge of the truth. Unity, Tolerance and Doctrine are just words unless you grow in grace and knowledge which comes from your bible or your minister if you can check your bible to see if these things be true.

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