Greek corupution of KJB?

Greek corupution of KJB?

Was the bible copied by Trinitarians? KJB New KJB many or most all seem to have been altered by Greek culture and thinking. According to the Shining light author this is exactly what happened!

During the days of Ezra the repentant Jews returned to Judea where they experienced a religious revival and eventually developed into the Mosaic Pharisees who lived at the advent of Christ. Meanwhile the Jews who chose to remain in the dispersion became centered in Alexandria Egypt, Babylon and Rome; adopting and increasingly applying Hellenic reasoning to the scriptures.

This split Judaism into a group in but mainly outside of Judea with used more or less pagan Greek reasoning concerning the scriptures; and those sitting in Moses seat at Jerusalem.
have been altered by Greek culture and thinking”.  James Malm.

So what does this mean for John 1:1-3? If you google  200 bibles you will be able to see the different translations of this verse. The William Tyndale bible 1534 is there and it show’s that not all the translators were corrupted by the Greek Hellenistic idea of multiply god’s. If the “word” is a IT instead of a HE, then the word being a preexisting second god goes out the door and the 1 God of scripture which declares is alone, finally makes sense. The Shema then makes sense and all the scriptures that declare one God actually make sense to the rational mind. Brethren I hope that you take the time to look at this. The shining light blog does not believe in this one God and father of all. Day after day he puts Jesus in place of the one God .(James Malm worships the created not the creator.) Jesus says I go to your God and my God therefore he can not be God, for God has no God before him. Ex.20:3 before Me. (Me is a singular pronoun!)

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