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Seeking Clarity

July 27th, 2013 at 06:54

If the territory of the Ptolemaic empire is the King of the South for past and future rise of the King of the South, why does the King of the North’s territory shift to Europe? Great Question standard COG response by shining light author James Malm

The king of the North is the final revival of Babylon as per the statue of Dan 2.  Babylon was succeeded by Medo-Persian who was succeeded by Greece through the conquest of the city of Babylon by Alexander; that moved the Babylon to Syria and the Seleucid empire which then fell to Rome; after which it was revived seven times in Rome.

I will be going through Daniel soon.  For the revivals of Rome as Babylon the Great and the king of the North please see:  The Scarlet Beast; Rev 17: and The Kings of the North and South  James

Lets look at Rev.17 the seven mountains! What are mountains symbolizing in the bible? Most would agree that these represent kingdoms. So if there are seven Kingdoms, it seems it is expounding the Dan.3     There have been 7 major empires since the dispersion at the tower of Babel 1.Eygpt 2.Assyrian 3.Babylonian 4.Persian 5.Greek 6.Roman. 7. Islamic. Now the woman who rides the beast that Great Harlot. Expositor’s Bible Commentary states:” In an important sense, the interpretation of this chapter controls the interpretation of the whole book of Revelation.” Rev.17:18″ And the women you saw is that Great City which reigns over the Kings of the earth.” What Great City has reigned over (Sat upon or Influenced) the 7 empires? Babylon, this city predates all the seven empires and has influenced every one of them. There is a complete booklet available from COG a Sabbath fellowship The Holy land has been under Islamic rule for 1400 years until it received a deadly wound in 1921 from the British armies. Dan.2:41-44 The deadly wound will be healed. Dan 2:43 Interesting the Aramaic word for “mix” is “arab.” Dan 7:8 He shall speak pompous words against the most High. (The father) (Allah is the only god and He ha no son) shall persecute the saints of the Most High (the Father) (Muslim purges of Christians going on in Sudan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt ect. shall intend to change times and law. (force people to live by Sharia Law). This is a must read for serious prophecy students. The HWA version of the 7 Roman revivals of Rev.17 must be looked at with the vast information available now and the threat of Islam now being understood like never before as the single greatest threat to the church and the state. Much more to come…

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