Shining light blog dishes out but is guilty of cherry picking verses!

COGWA  New Moons: Should Christians Observe Them? by  James Malm writer.

Some claim that the apostle Paul’s reference to new moons in Colossians 2:16 is evidence that the Church of God should “observe” new moons, but is this really true?

We must be careful not to read too much into this verse. This reference offers no details about what the believers in Colossae did in regard to new moons. Therefore, it is inaccurate to point to this verse as proof that Christians must keep new moons today.

This verse also gives no details about what believers did on the Sabbath or High Days either.  Does that mean that Sabbaths and High Days are not to be observed?  Or does it simply mean that we must look elsewhere for more detail as Isaiah said; here a little and there a little?

This is a deceitful attempt at  distraction from the clear truth that Col 2:16 definitely reveals that the New Moons WERE observed by the New Testament church, along with the Sabbath and the Festivals!!!

It seems that these folks are so eager to cling to their traditions that the concept of honesty in study has been abandoned.

wwpog has asked shining light writer about the one God of both old and new testament. His response is the HWA Nicean response that in 325 AD at Nicea the Son of God became God the son. This heresy along with Sunday worship and Easter have given Christianity a self inflicted wound in which it has never recovered. Which lead the way for Islam to believe in 1 god Allah and to rightly accuse Christianity for polytheism. Mr Malm refuses to acknowledge this two god Greek and Roman syncretism that has  amalgamated  Pagon and Greek christianity together for 2 centuries. Shining light blog will not print or discuss the one God of scripture. Mr Malm is running his version of christianity which is what he is accusing all other COG groups of. Since he has a big enough following now he will lead his followers down the path of Nicean council 325 AD google the book  The Road to Nicean.  wwpog blog is simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the shining light blog and that his policy does not allow for certain biblical text such as Mark 10:6 or Isaiah 44 the I alone am God and there is no other.

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