Shining light blog claims the whole word of God!

  • Can one be double deceived? One thinks he, or she knows a doctrine because they use to be a Trinitarian and now there a binitatrian but the bible teaches 1 God alone. Mr Malm makes claims about deep study of the scriptures and search for original intent, then when shown that at Nicea in 325 that the great false church changed the three major doctrines Easter, for Passover, Sunday for Saturday worship, and the Son of God, became God the son. This has been pointed out to the shining light, but he ignores it and teaches the created as the creator. Mark 10:6 Jesus himself says God created them male and female. This scripture has been ignored by many. John 1;1-3 has been written about many times by this blog, lets read it one more time. First google 200 bibles scroll down to William Tyndale 1534 go to John 1 it reads ” In the beginning was the worde and the worde was with God and the worde was God, 2 “It” was in the beginning with God.” Brethren the word is an” it,” not  a he or she. The holy Spirit is an it, not a he or she. This is why Jesus says I go to your God and my God. Jesus has a God therefore he cannot be God, which makes one God. Now you can understand all the scriptures in Isaiah 43-44 and the rest of the bible and finally have a relationship with your God and Father and Jesus God and father. Ask yourself is God coming back or is Jesus coming back?

Shining Light Blog three years this work is making steady progress in stirring up many brethren across the COG universe to a serious and open minded study of the whole word of God,( This is a lie and then he asks for money) to learn and to keep with zeal the teachings of Holy Scripture.

As the new contribution system for tax deductible contributions in the US is set up over the next few weeks  [those not interested in tax deductions may still send their contributions in the usual way], and events in the world and COG groups are now rapidly developing;  I expect to continue and increase this work of boldly proclaiming a warning to the brethren.

Tomorrow’s post will restate my mission and will reveal what is planned over the next year, which may very well be the last year of warning before the COG Groups are rejected by Jesus Christ into great tribulation. Author James Malm

This is his mission James Malm’s, this is not your mission, you have to work out your own salvation. Not that you shouldn’t read some of his blog, just realize he is as closed minded as HWA, because he know’s it all and your a poor idiot that needs someone to tell you so, I don’t believe that. I think you can work out your own salvation ,with your own fear and your own trembling.

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