Day of Atonement “Yom Kippur”

This point of uncleanness by association, particularly refers to sinning vicariously through associating with the sins of others.  Classic examples would include buying food and drink in public restaurants and bars on the Sabbath or Holy Days; with the outrageous excuse that these folks are going to sin anyway, so we may participate in their sins.

Another example is our tolerance for, and getting along with; apostates and false teachings among us.  If we permit doctrine that has been proven false, to be taught among us, we have made ourselves and our groups unclean.  we have allowed the temple of God which is the body of the faithful to be polluted by doctrinal uncleanness and we will be rejected by God if we do not quickly repent. James Malm shining light blog 9/14/13

The above sounds good but does it hold up to the whole truth? The truth about who is God and who is not. For 300 years after Christ there was 1 God and father of all, who raised the man Jesus from the dead. Only the father, who is thee Eternal, the one from everlasting to everlasting, Yehovah the one God of both old and new testaments, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Acts 3:13 raised up the man Jesus (Acts 2:29-32) whom you crucified , for his only begotten son, to sit while He (God) makes his enemy a footstool. The father is the one with all the power he defeats his son’s enemies. Who are we being reconciled to ? Himself the father. After 40 days of fasting 39 days longer than our one day of atonement Jesus faced his nemeses Satan and Satan said to him fall down and worship me and I will give you all the kingdom’s of the earth! Jesus responded thou shall worship the LORD thy God and Him only shall you worship. Jesus father and God is a unique relationship. Not only is God his father he is also his God. When he was born of his mother, like you and me, he the father fulfilled the promise to Moses Deu.18:18 when the father told Moses he would raise up a prophet like Moses to deliver his people. The father revealed his plan to Satan and Adam and Eve in the Garden in Gen.3:15. Read the scriptures in the light of the father being the only one who is truly God, with know pre-existence of a second being. Read Jesus through the new testament not as it is written by our Trinitarian translators but through the eye’s of the old testament 1 God of creation who promises a off spring if David to save the world from sin, not as a third century Nicean god-man of later creed. Read World News and Prophecy history of the Church part IV by Melvin Rhodes Augs, 2008 This is where the total deception began and the COGs along with James Malm’s shining light blog keep this false doctrine alive by saying that Jesus was the God of the old testament and he was the one who created the world Mark 10:6 has Jesus saying that God created them male and female. How can the guy speaking say that someone else created, if he did? Its time to put away Bill Clinton’s way of thinking in the churches of God and when the bible says there is 1 God that does depend on what the meaning of the word one “Is.” Three God’s in one God or Two God’s in one God is nothing short of confusing do I need to remind you who is the author of that. Google William Tyndales 1534 bible and read John 1:1-2 and see the truth for yourself…And it not he will set you free… So I ask is our doctrine Unclean?

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