Feast of Tabernalces 2013

Hopefully you all had a great feast of Tabernacles this year! I drove 2000 miles to sunny southern California to be with my brother and his family. I could write pages on what I experienced on the 5000 mile trip and 8 days of sermons expounding on Gods’ great plan of salvation for mankind and the second coming of our lord and savior Jesus. I will, over the next two weeks try to put highlights and lesson that we can use in our daily lives. Rodney King came up a lot in his now famous rendering of “Why can’t we all just get along”. The truth is we just have to many obstacles! You can make a difference by setting a personal example and not being bitter about what different people have left your fellowship. All fellowships from living room to the larger groups have unity in mind, but not all can be in the same building expressing it. Small groups have their place for more individual and independence, larger groups have bigger variety of people and for kids more teens and new ones to hang out with. The question is to we have the heart of a Christian where ever were at keeping the Holy Days? It is our conduct that is on trial not our affiliation…So as we are many members we are all one body of believers we either believe that Gods’ way of life is the only way or we don’t and we act accordingly. Mature Christians are not easily offended! Ps 119:165 So as we go back to our homes and leave this vision of millennium living we are one year closer to Christ returning and making it a reality. So have a safe trip home and I look forward to sharing some of the experiences with you.

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