Here it is again Friday, the day of preparation for the weekly Holy Sabbath. First are you excited? Have you been looking forward to it all week? Is this going to be the best Sabbath ever? Probably really good questions to ask yourself. Ok that’s the light side, now the dark side. Your 17 and there is a school dance tonight, after the football game and you are dreading the Sabbath, cause it’s like being in time out and your going to be thinking about the excitement you missed at the football game and the people you wanted to hang out with at the dance! Can’t wait to be 18 and outta here! This is not a one time event either the weekly Sabbath or the football game or the Friday night dance. This goes on for years seems like eternity and it can cause you to hate the Sabbath. How we deal with these types of issues will probably determine if we will remain in Gods’ way of life. How parents deal with their children in these situations will also have a lot to do with path their children take. With more family involvement and lots of showing of love and caring and talking about what the kids are giving up, and replacing it with a vision of the kingdom of God that’s real to them the better chance of them coping with the stress of missing the way the world does things. Satan’s world is called 24/7 keeping his people so busy they don’t have time to think about God. When the father created the heavens and the earth Mark 10:6 and made mankind he designed the Sabbath as a gift to mankind! First so man wouldn’t forget who their father and God is and why He was so Good to his children! Also so that all men could have a day off from the physical world. If you were the slave of and Israelite, the Sabbath was a delight because you were equal that day with your master. Free from oppression free to worship the one and only God of Israel. The father was so wise he took a negative of being a slave and turned it into a positive for the down trodden. The father tried for years to get His people to follow his laws of freedom and they kept turning their back, following other gods and rejecting Him. The father wanted to be their king, but they rejected him as it says in I Sam.8:7 The Sabbath was to be a sign through out all there generations Ex.31:13. Notice that the world goes on Sunday and the Muslims Friday. Satan wants his day Friday before His father’s day and after it but not on it. He has the whole world deceived, except a few that the father has called out of this world now. This is why the Sabbath is so important, it keeps us focused on our Father in heaven who created and gave us all things. The father so loved his creation that He gave His only begotten son to redeem us to Himself. John 3:16 Growing up in an ungodly world is very difficult the lure of entertainment peer pressure and the distractions through electronics is ever so great. Pray for each other and your children that they might see the Glory and the Love that God and His son have for you and your family.

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