Malm continues his criticism against UCG

Malm below, assumes that Vic Kubik sermon was the final analysis of how and what our approach is on preaching the gospel and preparing a people. He also said that UCG was not the only group out there. The sermon was broad and covered a lot of material it wasn’t a doctrinal reboot. It was an outline of area’s we are working in as an organization. The members in UCG are quite capable of motivating themselves and being zealous for God’s way. There are many who don’t eat out on the Sabbath. As I wrote last post brother against brother isn’t helping anyone’s conversion. Spreading rumors of wars for three straight years with no war in the middle east is what Shining light blog does. At the August 14 COE meetings this so-called John Elliot proclamation of conducting weddings on the Sabbath is not what is being said. John was referring the decision back to the local pastors. Vic says it is a pastor level decision based on circumstance. If an older widow is remarrying and doesn’t need a formal wedding simply want to have a church ceremony and the usual fellowship after church that is up to the pastor. They specifically said that if it was a full-blown wedding that it would be conducted on a different day. So again Shining light falsely accusing his brothers motives for personal gain. Which is worse a meal out on the Sabbath, or falsely accusing your brother?

Now Shining light goes even further comparing UCG to the Pope. Folks the COGs are all Churches and businesses. There are a lot of meetings and payroll and taxes and bills to pay right or wrong it is the reality. Sound doctrine is denying Nicea in favor of pure religion 300 years earlier. Shining light upholds 1/3 of the maglimation of Roman paganism at Nicea I have  kindly shared this heresy with Mr Malm. But in his eagerness to be right, he refuse and rejects that Jesus was the only begotten son of Yehovah.

James Malm below.

Pope Francis echoes UCG calling ideological [sound doctrine] purity in religion a mental sickness.  Both Francis and UCG call for tolerance of doctrinal diversity [as long as the top man is followed];  which is an abomination that separates people from the sound doctrine and commandments of Jesus Christ and the Father.  Kubik and company are following the god of the pope in this appalwickedness. 

Kubik Sermon Analysis:  Part 3

Now Vik takes the evangelical tack of taking the words of  Paul out of the context of the rest of scripture to twist them to justify the evangelical “Grace” transcends law.ling

Yes God does want to save everyone and God will accomplish his purpose as far as free moral agency will allow.  Harping on this given is a distraction from the HOW and the WHAT of salvation.

We are to be saved from the bondage of sin, by being Called OUT of all sin, and through the atonement of the application of the sacrifice of Christ for PAST sin; past sin will be forgiven and  we are to go and sin no more!  From then on we are to zealously learn and keep the whole word of God!  This is where the hypocrisy of the Kubik message and the UCG lie.  They say keep the commandments; and they DO NOT keep the commandments even condemning those who do so with any kind of zeal!  They call the Sabbath holy, and they  feel; justified in polluting it, etc etc

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