Brother against Brother?

When we think of Matt.24:10 And many will be offended, will betray one another and will hate one another. This is a warning of how times will be at the end of the age. Satan knows his time is short and he is pulling out all the stops to try and destroy the people of God. The purpose of this blog is to be a place where everyone can go! A people of God place that has no politics agenda other than to serve, no screening of opinion except foul or rude non Godly rantings. The fathe’sr children all over the earth in the four corners. As this blog gets around and we post the Sabbath and the holy days and the clean and unclean meats and the basic doctrines of the people of God, it will be just that, the people of God. In the end that’s all there is anyway, there is no corporate bylaws or business model, this is for all people that want to get along ,fight against hate, clicks and power struggles. None of that is good for the people of God, it is what Satan is pushing on us. So know matter where you attend services, you will have a common link with all like minded people around the world, where we can exchange peaceful idea’s and stories that bring us closer to our destiny, the Kingdom of God. The father is looking for people to rule with his son in his kingdom, that have there act as we say together. There not going to be worried about what role there going to play, there just going to be happy to be there. A Christian is like a fireman, he or she, is in the business of putting out fires not starting them. We should have a calming effect on all who know us, in or out of the church. People should be attracted to us because we are honest, helpful, friendly, sincere and eager to step in and serve and do what ever we can to make sure others are ok… Example, if someone is leading and someone else wants to lead and they maybe are a little immature, but capable never the less, the current leader can lead by stepping down and lifting the other guy up and letting him or her have a chance at leading! This is what the late great George Washington did, as our first and best president. In conflict resolution, if one person gives, then the conflict is usually resolved. In Gods’ church if someone else needs to lead, then by stepping down and lifting them up, maybe they in turn will learn how to give and take and do the same for the next person who feels the same. We need to be felxable as Christians to do what’ best for the particular situation. I hope that you already know this. Have a great day and come what may, use your skills and make someone else’s day.

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