Shining Light Blog reading into Vic Kubick Sermon

Today’s post only covers the beginning of the sermon, when Victor tries to get people all emotional over the Ukrainian Sabbatarians; while letting it slip that these folks know virtually nothing about Biblical doctrine after twenty-two years of work by Victor.  As groups they like the handouts, but as groups they reject the doctrine.  Vik has to try to convert a young girl away from home, because he can get no results from the actual groups.

In the next post we will get into the new vision statement and the Rick Warren “Purpose Driven Church” growth model that they have now adopted.  Folks may remember that one of the main causes of the COGWA split was these folks driving out the COGWA folks so that they could reject the HWA business model outreach,  and adopt the Rick Warren church building methodology.

Now that they have the brethren convinced of the lie; that a certain appearance of calm, brought about by tolerating a diversity of doctrine [that is tolerating false teachings]; is somehow spiritual unity [when it actually separates us from God]; they are ready to move forward.

Talking about something to do about nothing, is James Malm’s take on Vic Kubick ,on the mission of UCG. It is rather long and bland but certainly not controversial in the lest. Malm is all wet on this one. The Rick Warren angle is just that, as opposed to the HWA model which God brought to nothing. Those that learned about the Sabbath and holy days from HWA and worked out there own salvation, guess what Mr Malm there still keeping them. If UCG leadership doesn’t keep the commandments that doesn’t mean the brethren aren’t going to keep them. There is nothing what so ever about watering down the Sabbath, or the Holy days, or about what you do, or don’t do on them. A mature Christian doesn’t need a minister to come over to his house and feel his TV ,to see if he is watching something. Rick Warren’s purpose driven church, has a lot of good management info in it, for example. There are two basic models for running a church, one is geared for growth, the other is geared for control, which one do you think is more effective? Gerald Flurry and Rod Meredith are control models with no growth, UCG is trying to stop micro managing and is starting to empower its people, get them involved so they have owner ship, this is in part what creates growth. We know, that know one comes to the father unless he calls them, but we know our kids are sanctified and we have a dismal rate of retention because of years of the wrong kind of model. Rick Warren just happen to make observations on good church models. So to that end its about time one of the COGs changes direction and approach. But Mr Malm wants control just like HWA, Flurry, Meredith ect. and expect a different result. Every baptized member has the holy spirit, it will guide them. We need to help each other in love, not try to tear each other down by critizing every word, like James is doing. Listen to the sermon, like I said it’s really pretty bland and no James there is not much charisma, but compared to the way you speak about your inexperience, he probably sounds really professional, after all he’s been speaking for 43 years.

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