Being a Christian is the hardest thing to be!

worldwide people of God


Being a Christian isn’t for everybody, but having said that and knowing what we know, what other possibility in this life is there. Do we have everything right, are we with out blind spots, of course not. We put our hand on the plow and we have good days and bad days like everyone else. But we have a secret weapon, which is the Holy Spirit, it helps us when we can’t help ourselves. Being a Christian is like winning the power ball millions, you didn’t have much and now you have a lot! The question always with the millionaire or the Christian is, what are we going to do with our wealth. The millionaire dies and leave’s it all behind, the Christian dies and takes it all with him. So once we put our hand on the plow we plow forward through it all and we don’t do as Lot’s wife did Gen.19:26. Sometimes God is decisive and his patients runs out. Let us not look back at our short comings our splits our divisions our divorces our sin’s, let us be useful today so God can use us. If we are all wrapped up in what’s happened to us, what we’ve been through letting it get the best of us, how are we going to serve God today,in what ever way he decides to use us. We need our A game today and then again tomorrow and pretty soon will be doing his will and he can count on us every day to do something to perpetuate his plan, then we will feel His spirit working in us, protecting us, guiding us, How good and how pleasant. This is the battle plan for the Christian, High stakes, high rewards and most of all and inner peace, knowing we are serving the living God and his Son, the best we can…

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