Prayers for James Malm Shining light author!

I believe James has lost his mind and I don’t say this disrespectfully. I just listen to Victor Kubicks sermon that Mr Malm has linked to from his post. It is a 110 minute vision of the UCG strategic goals and motivational service towards preaching the gospel into the rest of the world and motivating brethren to be part of the work in what ever capacity they can. There is nothing in the sermon about weddings on the Sabbath, he doesn’t even talk about it.

What in the world are you guys talking about I just listen to the whole hour and 10 minute message,Vic didn’t mention the Sabbath, or weddings once? Did you post the wrong sermon? I wrote this and my question was rejected by Author. Below a critic of all COGs prints accusations against Gods’ people with admitting he hasn’t listen to the sermon yet. This is a great sin gossip, and false and misleading statements about Gods’ people, Wow.

UCG NEWS:   From Vik Kubik’s Ministerial Newsletter:

ADMIN:   I have not as yet seen this sermon myself, but I understand that it is a very important key sermon on the future of UCG that is all over Facebook, and will be played in the congregations tomorrow.  You may want to see it for yourselves.   I will be visiting this key sermon; and probably on Monday, I will do a post on the Kubik sermon linked to below. 

UPDATE:  This highly significant “sermon” is actually a presentation of the new direction of UCG that the evangelicals have been working on behind the scenes for the past 15 years.  I now have a transcription of this “sermon” and will be doing a major post on this, probably on Monday. James Malm. 

It gets worse! Malm writes

Jesus Christ shall assuredly destroy all of the COG Groups as organizations; and shall correct all of his people until they have all learned; that The Eternal is God and beside HIM there is NO OTHER, who is to be exulted and obeyed.  We MUST learn to question the words of all men against the whole word of God and to hold fast the good and to reject anything contrary to the whole word of God.

None of the evangelical watering down the Sabbath or the holy days has happened. Mr Malm has been writing and predicting the evangelical movement in UCG that hasn’t taken place. The best sermon at this feast of Tabernacles and I went to 4 different sites was a very inspired  Robin Weber on the last great day, it was titled Portrait of  Eternity. This was a great and powerful delivery of man’s reconciliation to our God and Father. All COG people would be uplifted by this message. Brethren its about sharing the inspiration of Gods’ kingdom to each other and the whole world, where God opens the door. We must love one another, it is Christ command, not condemn, lest we die unrepentant. Pray for James Malm that he might find the love that Christians need.

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6 Responses to Prayers for James Malm Shining light author!

  1. Googie says:

    James Malm is one of the biggest divider of the brethren and one of the most self righteous people trying to say what the bible says that I know. I used to follow him for a while but was many times left realizing he was actually causing division and attacking the churches of God and their leaders saying things that were not true. After reading his articles which created questions and doubt I was left somewhat in a depressed state because of all his negativity and false teaching, and of course he had his regular 4 or 5 followers but that’s about it. I finally stopped listening to what he had to say and soon I was no longer depressed or miserable. After a few months I went back to see what he had to say and right away I became down again. He has a way of putting things but in reality he says nothing and what he says creates doubts and division, he does not teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I quit reading his teachings anwhether since have learned more about the truth of God than ever. He thinks in his own mind that he is somebody and only he has the real truth. He only knows what he googles and puts it together as if it came from him and that he had all this knowledge of God and the bible. He has become delusional in his thinking and it is very obvious that he does not follow the word of God. Causeing division amongst the brethren he does, he lies, he now has people sending him money, I wonder if that’s stealing, he slanders, he judges and criticizes others who teach Gods word but dont teach what he does, he thinks it’s only him that is right. I am not judging him, only God will do that, I am only discerning what he is doing that isn’t from God? He is bitter against the COG because they booted him out in the 1970’s for his radical thinking and Causeing division because he thought he was right and everyone else was wrong. All I am saying is be careful of what he says because he can be very deceiving in how he puts things, and if you listen to him you will notice yourself becoming upset and see the division he is Causeing, best not to listen at all.

  2. Larue says:

    Hi friends, good paragraph and fastidious arguments commented
    here, I am in fact enjoying by these.

  3. innovedge1 says:

    James is an accuser of the brethren and is not to be believed. It is quite obvious that his attitude is less that Godly. During the times when the UCG/CoGWa split was happening, he was predicting all kinds of things. When those predictions failed, he edited his posts to reflect what did happen, making it look like he was 100% correct. The man’s behavior is quite evil and all would be wise to stay as far away from him as possible.

    • Jesus is the son of One God and father born in the womb of his mother just like you and me. The difference is his father is the creator and only one who is truely God. John 17:3 the alpha in Rev 1 is the father you have to constantly be on the alert as it switches back and forth through out Rev yes there are many so called gods mighty ones as Jesus refered to himself and us but the English word God is a title as well as a reference to Jehovah the God of out fathers who raised the man Jesus to Eternal life something he didn’t have he was and is the first man to receive eternal life.

  4. obviously like your website however you need to test the spelling on several of your posts.
    Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it
    very bothersome to inform the truth however I’ll definitely come back again.

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