Peace on Earth and Good will to All.

    We as Christians should be glad that we have lived in such great awareness of Gods’ plan. There has never been a time in history where the common man or woman has had access to such a vast wealth of information about Gods’ word. We have stores filled with books about the bible and many hundreds of translations of the bible dating back 2 millennium. We have DVDs with actors playing out the stories and bringing them alive in our homes. Mel Gibson The Passion, the Bible many classic movies the Robe, Ben Hur and Moses, both starring Charlton Heston. Many epic stories acted out some more biblically accurate than others, but they give you a view into history and what it was kinda like to live under Roman rule. (Not pretty) Brethren we in the USA and in Western Europe have lived in relative peace for 69 years. some of our brothers and sisters have seen action in Korea and Vietnam, the gulf war and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But for most of us we have lived in peace and have had the opportunity to do as we pleased without fear or tyranny. We as a nation, the United States of America that beacon of light on the hill for all the world to see, have forgotten most of history and are setting ourselves up for a repeat lesson in freedom. Freedom isn’t free, you have to pay a price, you have to sacrifice for your liberty. For every day of peace there is probably hundreds of days of suffering. As the light slowly fades on the hill we must make sure that we keep our own conduct according to Gods’ way. We must not be of the world, even though we are in the world. There are many sad and unhappy people today all over the world. If you live in Syria or Egypt or Africa and many other places around the world the tribulation is at hand. We must not lose sight of evil as it drives men to kill one another. It wasn’t enough for Cain to kill Abel, it has been happening ever since. Men must trust and obey God and govern themselves, and then with a Godly spirit we can have peace on earth as we spread good will to all. This will take Jesus Christ second coming to truly be fulfilled, can we imagine how will feel when we can finally  see him, touch him and serve him! I hope you can!  


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