Transformation from the Physical to the Spiritual

    NO one comes to me unless the father calls him first! We become a Christian when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior! John 14:6 Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. Israel rejected a personal relationship with the father Ex.20:19 The Israelites wanted a mediator between them and the Father. So Moses like Christ mediates between the father and man. I Tim 2:5 Many take the first step of calling on the name of Jesus and want to clean up their life, but the pull of the world overpowers many and only the few remain as firstfruits. Transforming from physical to spiritual takes a lifetime and even then it is only the grace of God that allows us to be perfected. The father wants those who will give him a lifetime of commitment to overcome self and replace it with love towards him and others. It sounds rather simple, but as we know it is impossible to overcome the flesh! But with Gods’ spirit all things are possible. The father, our God sits on the mountain top, we have a brother in Christ, who was tempted in all ways(Heb.4:15) like us, and now he is able to sympathize with our weakness and mediate between us and God. Moses was able to mediate Ex.32:11 and sympathize and reason with the father. So as we journey to the kingdom of God, there are two paths we can go by, which are governed by Gods’ law, or rejection of Gods’ law. So in the end there is love towards God and zeal to serve Him, or love towards self, doing things our way and only following God when we feel like it! Ps 39:5 “Man at his best state is but vapor.” As sand in the hour-glass, so are the days of our lives. So as we travel on the road to eternal life, we slowly take on the spiritual nature, which is our ultimate goal, we fight the good fight with Christ at our side, helping us every step of the way. Will we not be amazed at how many times Christ intervened for us? Shouldn’t we press on then, knowing he overcame the world for us, even as we are still sinners! Lets Stop in the name of Love, before its to late. Which way are we going to choose today? /p>

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