The COG shall stand will you?

     The Church of God, the people of God shall stand! Brethren we humbly seek the Kingdom of our God and his Christ which shall meet us in the sky. Every day brings new challenges and every day we have to make the commitment to press on. Chuck Yeager test pilot and American legend, wrote a book called Press On and it had some of the Godly wisdom that we Christians need to survive our calling. Yes survive! If it was easy all those hundreds of thousands that left would still be here. Today our prayers go out to the brethren in David Hulmes group that are being divided by men and emotion. Useless self inflicted wounds, that drive Christians away from God. The responsibility of leading and being a minister is extreme, they are being tested, maybe some of them will graft back into UCG where they left for greener pastures, that turned out  not to be so green. Who ever wants to be the greatest among you, let him be a servant! Don’t see much of that going on. So as we see yet another group split, let us remember them in our prayers, that God would grant them clarity. Amen..

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