Amazing Country

As winter is in full swing, there are windows of sunshine! Gods’ great promise to Abraham in Gen.49  The father promised Abraham a great group of nations and a great singular nation that the whole world would be blessed from. The USA is  a place that everyone loves! In the Midwest it was -18 last week 5 hours later in sunny southern Florida it is 80 degrees above people out at the beach swimming and doing summer activities. I heard many different languages and people from all over the world enjoying this winter paradise. I meet Russians, Argentinians, Italians, and many Orthodox Jews from New York.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I introduced myself and began to ask questions! They seemed to enjoy the conversation as did I and seemed rather intrigued at my understanding. I told them I was an Israelite from the tribe of Manasseh. They asked me if I believed in Jesus and I confirmed Yes I did, but when I told them  that I kept the sabbath and the holy days the responded positively. I in returned asked if Elohim was singular or plural and they said without reservation that it was singular. I asked if the promised messiah was supposed to be a second God coming to earth to become human and he said No. so I said then that the father was alone the only God of the old testament and both of the two different Jews confirmed that was what the scriptures state. Then I followed up with the statement that if Jesus was God then he wouldn’t have said that in Rev 3 that he would confess us before his father and his God. He agreed with my reasoning. Brethren we must ask good questions! I finally said to him that  the messiah would be a Jew and that he would believe in the one God of Israel, he confirmed this truth. This isn’t the last word on this subject but in your quest for the truth it affirms that the Jews have always believed in one God and I said last to him that the Muslims believe in one God and he said that they have that truth !

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