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Lets examine the mission statement of the shining light blog. And brethren should ask Mr Malm if what he writes is completely true! I believe that Mr Malm is sincere about his version of the truth, but the question is, is his version of the scripture the only version. Lets consider the Catholic Church organization been around for 1700 years or so at least since Nicea 325 A.D. Here in America it has been the fad to start your own group with some exciting insight and gather a following and then proclaim to be the one who is on track and everyone else is compromised. This is very dangerous for the follower it is the definition of a cult. I have said many times on this wwpog blog that there are things I like on the shining light blog and I in no way mean any personal ill will towards Mr Malm. Since we are all to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling should we be looking at any group for our deliverance? Mr Malm is often blinded by his own light! Lets do the smell test with His version of the statement of beliefs.

  • Mission Statement, Since righteous Abel, the Father has been calling out certain persons to Him and to the Son! (True or FalseEvery called out person has been called to become like them!(There is no them in the bible) through the complete internalizing of the nature of God;(Just what is this Trinity Natureby learning and applying the whole word of God to our every action and thought. (True)

    1.  The mission of The Shining Light is to inspire and excite an enthusiastic study of the whole word of God to learn it and to keep it; with passionate Christ-like zeal. (True)

    2.   To expound the whole word of God,  removing and correcting error in our understanding, and bringing to remembrance lost knowledge. (False) Mr Malm refuses to publish scriptures that are contrary to His version of the truth.(” So there is selective removing and correcting in his blog. Ask Him why he doesn’t publish scriptural comments from wwpog which I paste from his website that he refuses in his Zeal to acknowledge.)

    3.  Revealing new understandings that have been sealed until the very end. (The Knowledge that the father is the only God and there is no other, is the greatest understanding of the 20-21 centuries Is. 45:5)

    4.   Keeping the brethren well-informed about the various COG organizations. (“False” hasn’t mentioned the Worldwide People Of God once. Which includes all of us, even Mr Malm When the money runs out, there is no Corporate churches, only the Worldwide people of God that follow the bible and no man or organization. COGs are there for meeting others with similar beliefs, but they save know one, that is between you and God and his son Jesus. Moses didn’t save the Israelites, He showed them the way, but they had to walk in it and the only ones who got it were Joshua and Caleb, so the leader doesn’t save you, he guides you to the water, you have to drink it.) 

    5.   Warning the brethren of the blemishes that need to be removed from our garments to make ourselves ready for the marriage of the Lamb, Rev 19:7.True”

    6.   Expounding the scriptural warnings and signs, concerning the beginning of the tribulation and the coming of Christ to resurrect his chosen. Would this include in light of 911 the possibility of the Islamic Beast power instead of the Roman version. Rome and Europe is 10-20 years from any kind of power. The Vatican asked 1.2 billion Catholics for any volunteers for suicide bombers and didn’t get one person interested in dying for their faith! On the other hand Islam has ready and willing persons in every city around the world. The motivation and the money to do so. This might mean nothing, but no serious bible student would count out the 7th ruling empire the Islamic empire Rev.17:5 recovering from its deadly wound in WWI. In light of the information revolution the old paradygm is at least that old without this threat to the west. America  can’t defeat this military superpower with ships and bombs and doesn’t have the will to remove Islam from amongst its people.

    7.   To keep the brethren aware of the unfolding of world events towards the fulfillment of the prophecies of the word of God, so that they will not be taken by surprise when “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble” begins.. Again the only threat in 2014 to the world is the Islamic superpower riding the world of Infidels. Mr Malm fails completely on this reality because of his pride of having to be right. I could be wrong and it could be Rome, but that is not the reality right NOW. That was the old info based on the 1rst and 2nd world wars.

    It is the mission of  The shining light to ignite a spiritual revival, to help prepare the brethren for the now imminent tribulation; and for a part in the collective bride at the resurrection of the chosen. All COGs have this same goal.

    Tens of thousands of brethren have had a solid warning over the past few years, which will bear fruit in due time.  Thousands are studying our daily Bible Studies and other material. Hopefully your reading about the rise of Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world 1.3 billion. Many Christians will convert to Islam, it is already happening, go to the internet and learn.

    You personally can have a part in this work of God, to help instill a passionate zeal for learning and keeping the whole word of God; and removing the spots and blemishes of error and sin which MUST be removed from all those who will be chosen to have a part in the collective bride of Christ. You can also stay in the group you’re in and do the same thing! The wwpog blog is a place that everyone can go, from all over the world and find common themes. The great thing about The Worldwide People of God is, Its yours, mine and ours, no donations necessary, no leaving your group, it functions as a place everyone can call their own. Image that! The agenda is salvation, encouragement, and love towards Yehovah and our fellow-man.

    Please support this vital work of God; with your prayers, and much-needed tithes and offerings. The Worldwide People of God don’t need tithes, or offerings, it only needs you to pass on the blog wwpog blog. Lets find the truth together, I am not a truth unto myself, that would be self-righteousness, which we all must beware.

    We live in very exciting and critical times and each one of you can have a part in this effort to revive a true passionate love for God and his word. Anybody reading shining light blog has been around and fighting the good fight for many years, zeal is and always will be important, like your first love in conversion, don’t let that true zeal slip. your’s can be contagious in what ever group you attend, bring it there where you already know people, let them feel that in you.

    Some day you can tell your grandchildren in the kingdom how you played a part in helping to prepare the brethren for the resurrection to the spiritual Promised Land of eternal life with the Father and the Son. Yes you can be a apart of the  Worldwide People Of God, and that’s a story worth telling.

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