Help Me Oh LORD!

Help Me oh Lord and show me the way, be a mirror for my eye’s to see. Shape Me into something worth knowing, Correct my vision that the path will appear clearer. Love Me Oh Lord while I am still getting it right, don’t give up on Me Lord, while I still do the things that separate me from you. Strength is yours Oh Lord, please give Me more, as I seek you daily. Have thy Spirit guide Me all day long, that I might stop doing my will, but yours. Let my Joy come from my relation with you and your Son, that I might be part of something much much bigger than myself. Let Me not pity myself, for knowing you is the pinnacle of Life itself, how can I feel sorry for myself, when though has given me thee eternal riches of thy Kingdom which is to come. Help Me Oh Lord be grateful for the concern you have for me, that you care enough to give trials of fire, that are not designed to hurt me, but built Godly character in Me. Let Me put sin behind Me and be part of the solutions in this world, speaking kindly and insightfully on your words. To give encouragement, understanding, hope, that you do exist and you do care about all of your children. Oh Lord let not the sun set this day that I don’t get down on my knee’s and thank you for creating Me, and your son and then giving the world your only begotten son, as a token of the kind of Love you have towards your creation. Could there be anyone greater than you father? I can think of none. Amen

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