The burden of Proof!

It seems that the burden off proof is on the Christian to live the Godly lifestyle while living in the ungodly society. How difficult it is to be a light all the time. We all face daily trials, frustration, traffic, jobs and annoying people. The day to day demands on us just to make ends meet can be taxing to say the least. Even when one has money like Robin Williams it still wasn’t enough to make him happy! So we can’t blame lack of physical things or money on whether we would be better Christians or happier home makers or not. It’s always a choice to have one more drink, to get high, to act rude, to not care, to be selfish, these are all choices, but the fruit of the spirit is to be long suffering, patient and kind loving! Its a burden to carry this mantra day in and day out, yet the burden off proof is on You and Me daily. We all get off track but the Christian gets back on track every time he crashes, or your road back to where we should be becomes harder and harder. Being teachable as children means growing and when your growing your engaged in the process and the spirit can bring you new truth. We must grow by studying with the tools available to us now and read back into the original languages of the bible to glean new understanding of the Hebrew book called the bible. Look online and find Hebrew translations and Greek new testament versions and see the bible anew. The burden of proof is on us to learn the original intention of scripture, not just the much later English versions. I think you will find it much more colorful and rewarding, its only a click away…

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