The Weaken State of Rome!

Italic taken from Shinning light blog, then my comment below he keeps from his readers.

Herbert Armstrong was fixated on the greatness of America and nuclear attack as the only way to bring her down.  In fact a few nuclear strikes may happen on key sites, but the fall of America will be a process that takes 3 1/2 years; and will be about economic collapse bringing hunger and a weakened population subject to disease; accompanied by natural disasters.  Can you imagine a starving sickly weakened people coping with a massive hurricane season or huge earthquakes?  This along with extreme widespread drought will bring her down.

Militarily it is NOT necessary to occupy a nation to defeat it.  Judea will be occupied, but America will not be occupied except perhaps for a few key sites.  An initial defeat probably brought on via cyber attack, and then a slow fall into chaos and total collapse over 3 1/2 years are in the offing.

I will get into the trtibulation situation much deeper with the coming Ezekiel study.

Updated: August 19, 2014 — 05:24

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Comment HWA used the info he had before the time of the end and the knowledge of the beast was kept sealed til the time of the end. With the seal removed and knowledge much increased we see the fastest growing most violent religion the world has ever seen appear from her deadly wound, See John 17 one is Rome and one is yet to come Islamic kingdom! The Islamic beast power is posed, and in every city across America an Europe with suicide bombers ready on command, this will put fear through out the western world and Christians will convert by the millions to Islam the One God religion that is posed to destroy the west and wipe Israel off the map. Look for PM Erdogan of Turkey, King of the north, see Dan 11:1-39 to broker the peace deal with Israel for 7 years and allow Israel to build a temple on the mount next to the “Abomination of Desolation” SEE BEHOLD THE the Dome on the Rock and for 3 1/2 years Israel will sacrifice on the temple mount until in mid stream of the 7 years the Islamic Beast will set himself up as god in the temple. Help spread the word and reread the scriptures on Ishmaels rise to power… Rome is at its weakest state with no motive to wipe Israel off the map and no army or money… Oil is the wine that the world is drunk with and Islamic peoples control it…

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