Happy Sabbath

How many Christians hid last night and didn’t participate in Satans favorite  holiday? Just two weeks after the fathers Holy Days and the 8 day feast of tabernacles  lev .  23 required by the father as he told Moses through out all generations. If we want the fathers spirit to dwell in us we need to do those things he guides us and instructs us. These aren’t suggestions theses are commands. The weekly sabbath happened to fall on the  31rst of October which should be even more reason to avoid Satans high day. The world brethren desperately needs a rest from all the wars disease coming at the world. We need to draw near to Jehovah and his son will guides us out of this world Satan the god of this world and his hate for the true God and fathers biblical way. If it’s not in the bible Just don’t do it. If Jesus did it do it. If he didn’t do it don’t do it. Jesus was a Jew he didn’t come to change the law Matt 5 so repent be baptized and follow the first born back to his God and your God and his father and your father. Remember the words of the father to Cain If you do right then you will be blessed. That hasn’t changed come out of this world into the biblical way of life like your brother Jesus did.

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