Spiritual Engineering!

A spiritual mind is engineering bridges between the Godly and the ungodly. The more serious the Christian the more complex the bridge. Conflict resolution as simple as someone cuts you off in traffic, they broke the law, there in your space, you have every right to honk at them, give them a look and get angry because they scared you and could have caused you to have an accident, that wasn’t your fault. You let it go, you turn the other cheek you take the high road. Why, because you wear the title of Christian. Jesus says love your enemies, Islam says kill the infidel. This is good news that we can share with Muslims that love is the only way to spiritual bliss, not killing, or enforcing your will on others. The spiritual engineer finds ways to fix relationship conflict, with love as the tool of choice. Even within the COGs and greater Christianity we must reach out with love and build bridges starting with the core doctrine that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That God has deemed that salvation comes from only one name under heaven Acts 4 and by no other name can one be saved, other than Jesus Christ. This is good news we believe it we must pass it on to the rest of mankind! Mohammad, Buddha, Allah, can’t save anyone. This is paramount brethren, all Christians believe this. 2.2 billion Christians could have an effect on 1.6 billion Muslims. If we understand that Allah has no son, their for Allah can’t be the God of the Christians can he! It should be exciting to all of s that we finally have taken enough time to find out about Islam so we can help them hear the Good news of the coming kingdom of our one God and father and how He has appointed his only begotten son to be the King for 1000 years! The man Jesus will bring peace in the middle east for the first time and through out the rest of the world. Those who follow him do as he did, do unto others good without expecting something in return, and obeying  His God and father’s commandments as we are commanded to do. All of this leads us to the spiritual bread and drink that we shall never thirst. Be serving, as he set example by washing the others feet, not lording his privilege of being king of the Jews, he took on the role of a servant. Why, to teach servant leadership and humility for all men in all ages, who’s sandals we are not worthy to loosen.

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