In search of Christ like behavior!

Does Knowledge trump Christian Behavior? How many COG members believe they will be saved because of what they know about being a Christian? If you are still a Christian in 2015 should you be worried about whether you have grown in Grace and knowledge? The three hottest topics in the COGs are The calendar, the Islamic Beast power and the nature of God! All of these topics are contrary to HWA teachings! Is this a problem? What should Christians Do? Should they work out their own salvation or should they follow A church? As Islam being  the fastest growing religion from 1.6 billion to currently 1.9 billion is by far the most organized disciplined religion west of Iran. Christians stand divided on most biblical doctrines and the reason can be traced back to Nicea 325 AD when the serial killer Constantine amalgamated pagan Rome with watered down Christianity that had 300 years to deviated down from the faith once delivered. It is the called out ones who must allow the spirit to help them grow in Grace and Knowledge on events as the play out. Brethren don’t wait for the church to tell you, follow the events of the day and study your bible! In lite of the Paris terror attack and the daily exposure of Islamic people and world events are we understand the threat to our country and our future as a free people? The Worldwide People of God are ready to see the events unfold into a new world order, where the United states is no longer a factor because they were put down for under estimating there enemy. Our father in heaven please have mercy on your people! Let us be strong and fight the good fight.

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