Moving Forward inYour Understanding

Staying in shape mentally is just like staying in shape physically! In 1933 HWA came on the scene with a dynamic new media called radio where thousands and even millions of people could be reached simultaneouslly. Main stream Christianity at that time was divided between Catholic and Protestant denominations. Most people were going to church once a week for 45 minutes and very little time was spent on scripture. Although I believe a lot of families were reading the bible at home and most households had bibles in them.

The Sunday Sabbath established at Nicea some 1700 years earlier was the standard for most people claiming the name Christian, then over the air waves people started to hear a preacher HWA say that the Sabbath was actually Saturday and not Sunday which the Catholic Church agreed, they just said that the Pope had the authority to change it to Sunday the Lord’s day. Blue Law’s were in effect in most states and even to this day April 2016 in North Dakota businesses are still unable to open before Noon on Sunday were as 20 years ago they were closed all day. So it hasn’t been that long since Sunday Sabbath was observed in some states. This new preacher HWA was gaining audience as he drove home the biblical proof for Saturday Sabbath and people were beginning to respond. God was now going to restore his truth and prepare a people for himself and Jesus Christ was going to be appointed head of His fathers church “The Worldwide People of God.” where excited and motivated to read and study there own bibles, working out their own salvation with fear and trembling. Other truths began to be understood Clean and unclean foods, the lost Ten Tribes of Israel and their migration into Europe and eventually the United Kingdom and the United States “Ephraim and Manassah” Heaven and Hell The concept of death as sleep and a resurrection. Like I have always said its pretty hard to have a resurrection if your already in Heaven or hell.

There are many doctrines and some we understand better than others, but there is no end to understanding, we either go forward, or we go back there’s no, I got it, I don’t need to study, or think things through anymore. HWA had learned and established most of understanding by the early 1950s and most people didn’t start hearing about these truths until that time. The WWCOG began to gain momentum the college was established in Pasadena and the church was starting to have the resources it needed to grow exponentially . As the growth in members started to happen the organization had millions of dollars  of tithe money pouring in monthly and running this fortune 500 hundred organization was a full time job unto itself, which left a void in growing in the knowledge of scripture because any change would always lead to people becoming uneasy because they were sold that the statement of beliefs were in concrete. The truth is we never have all the understanding on doctrine so that we continue to study God’s word, otherwise we become Lukewarm and in need of nothing, because we think we have all understanding, that’s why its say with fear and trembling to keep us humble before God.

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