Using the Authority of the Church !

Or Abusing it!

Does the church have the authority to Disfellowship ! “Yes” and they do it all the time based on a variety of reasons. One group has a little less authority than the other COGs! The people who are in UCG didn’t join it, not saying that no one joined it after it was formed. Im speaking of those who left WWCOG after that fateful sermon by Joe Takch and the following week people in WWCOG meet in homes and a variety of locations peacefully and as the ministers started to resign or who were disfellowshipped began worshipping with those who remained faithful to the authority of the scripture. Then after several months the ministers formed a corporation around the faithful brethren and called it United COG. So the brethren that left WWCOG didn’t really join UCG it was formed around them. So its difficult to disfellowship someone who never joined. Now those who left to follow Gerald Flurry made a decision to follow a man right or wrong, so they are subjected to his authority as were those who followed Dr. Meredith into his flock. Many other smaller groups Dave Pack, Dave Havir and many other smaller groups. When you join something you are subject to the rules and authority of that group. What makes UCG different is the core people didn’t join but were formed into an organization to consolidate effort of preaching and living Gods way. So over the years it has been more cautious on being heavy-handed and authoritative, which is a good thing. When one is baptized, he or she receives the Holy Spirit, and with that comes personal responsibility to govern ones life according to the scripture. One doesn’t need to be micro managed by leadership. This helps a Christian develop character, which is the walk of any Christian. It takes great faith to trust others with Gods spirit and allow for them to walk and grow from there experiences along the way. So Don’t believe everything your church says, read the scriptures to see if they are following them and teaching them. Its Jehovah who speaks to us by his great power were led…

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