Continued Education


Continued Education

   I had the Pleasure to go to Ambassador Bible  College graduation this last weekend in Cincinnati Ohio home of UCG and see first hand what 8 hours of bible study for 9 months can do for anyone. It was rather pleasant on many levels. As we all look for and chose our different paths of family carrear, the bible is one book and subject that all Christians in one way or another study. This year was one of the most talented classes, the music and musicianship were well worth the 30 hours of drive time. The Worldwide People of God just added another round of ambassadors to the streets. How wonderful it must be for God and his son to look down upon the earth and find young people living Godly life styles in the midst of Gomorrah. They are excited about the words and eager to share the gospel and future hope of all Christians the Kingdom of God on earth with a righteous judge Jesus at the helm. We talk about transforming, imagine a 10 per cent tax no property or sales tax no insurance and no medical expenses! NO corrupt political system, One nation under God with liberty and justice for all. Continued education is required by God! We are commanded to grow in grace and knowledge. As we go forward towards the kingdom of God let us be glad that we can spread the good news and the way to true peace and happiness that has so escaped the history of man.

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