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Shining Light Blog reading into Vic Kubick Sermon

Today’s post only covers the beginning of the sermon, when Victor tries to get people all emotional over the Ukrainian Sabbatarians; while letting it slip that these folks know virtually nothing about Biblical doctrine after twenty-two years of work by Victor.  … Continue reading

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Being a Christian is the hardest thing to be!

worldwide people of God   Being a Christian isn’t for everybody, but having said that and knowing what we know, what other possibility in this life is there. Do we have everything right, are we with out blind spots, of course … Continue reading

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Prayers for James Malm Shining light author!

I believe James has lost his mind and I don’t say this disrespectfully. I just listen to Victor Kubicks sermon that Mr Malm has linked to from his post. It is a 110 minute vision of the UCG strategic goals and … Continue reading

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Selective Hebrew by American Christians

My Dear friend editor of the shining light Blog James Malm has what I determined selective Hebrew lets take a look at his post today, where he inserts Hebrew words and symbols to determine the proper rendering of these verses … Continue reading

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On the seventh day HE rested! Gen.2:2 Thank you Melvin Rhodes

Who was He? It doesn’t say, they rested, or we rested, Gen.2:2 And on the seventh day God(Elohim singular) ended His work, which HE had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had … Continue reading

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Post FOT Blues

If your like me after the Feast of Tabernacles getting back into the swing of things can be pretty depressing! I’ve been just dragging my hip pockets all week-long, doing only what’s absolutely necessary, and I have so much to … Continue reading

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Back to Work Monday!

I don’t like Monday’s in general, I just like to keep that weekend High all the time what can I say!  So I ask the question that gets me back on track! What am I going to do today, to … Continue reading

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